Tour 2002  Along the Danube River Part 1

After doing big mountain trips over the Alps in the past years this year it has been time for experiencing the landscape near my home. I actually followed recommendations of my friends and did a 2 day trip along the first part of the river Danube from the fountain at Donaueschingen to Sigmaringen.

There is a detailed route description in the  Internet (-->klick here) but that contains very small fotos (sorry, its in German only).
Therefore I add my fotos so you can get a good impression of the beautiful landscape.

I assume I will continue this trip in the next years towards the Black Sea (3000 km).

Enjoy my fotos!!

1 2
3 4 5 6
7 8
9 10

1 und 2:   Fountain of the Danube in the Park of Donaueschingen Castle
3:            Neudingen
4:            Immendingen
5 und 6:   Hausen, Neumühle
8;            Rabenfelsen
9 und 10: Sigmaringen

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