In the Deserts of the Emirates (UAE)
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During one of the many trips to Abu Dhabi I got an invitation from Gerhard to a desert trip - a real alternative to our fishing trips. As expected not everything happened as planned - Gerhard is "good in arranging things". I am not telling more now, just enjoy the pictures which also contain some curious things.

On the way from Abu Dhabi into the desert we passed by the home of Sheikh Hamdhan, a genious engineer who constructed the big world shaped trailer and the oversized Dodge. In a pyramid type buidling he displays his vehicles. In the past HH (His Highness - this is how you address Sheikhs properly) used to travel in the deserts with his dodge and the trailer which served as a mobile home. By the way these huge vehicles are mentioned in the Guiness Book of Records.

Gerhard´s dog Zensi has the size of a tire valve as you can see.

Even in the desert Gerhard takes good care of his guests. You see me here with a water bottle in camouflage.

It has been fun to go up and down the sand dunes with the 4-wheel drive.

Little get together in the desert - thanks friends, for your help.
Gerhard, don´t worry, I am not going to tell anyone . . . . . . .

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