Trip to Rom
 (1- 5 Oct 2004)
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My trip no 6 to Rome has been great as usual - except the quality of the hotel. There were some 20 pictures of that so-called hotel in the InterNet and it looked like a good offer for 150 Euro per night. But that place in reality was close to a slum. Normally a clear case of fraud, I just would like to know where they took the pictures.

If anyone can recommend a hotel close to the center please let me know by  email. However, it should really be no more than a mile from Piazza Navona or Piazza Campo de Fiori.

Except for that the journey was perfect, we had blue sky everyday and temperatures of more than 75F.  We experienced many culinary and cultural highlights. Together with Christians study comrade Pascal, who studies at the Gregorian university, we had a great vacation without a single minute of bore.

Christian and myself in front of the spectacular monument  "Monumento  Nazionale A Vittorio Emmanuele II"

The colloseum is very impressive at sunset.

Christian and Pascal in the Gregorian university.

Everyone knows "Fontana di Trevi" from broschures. It is just beautiful to sit here and to see all the sculptures. One specific thing we did not do here: Throwing a coin over the left shoulder in order to return to Rome as a saga says. First because I am not superstitious and on the other hand  someone has permanently been  fishing the coins with a rod and magnet pin. No sense to raise his income!!

That is almost a must: Visit of churches. Rome has appr. 700 churches, here is an example, S. Carlo al Corso.

View on the emperors hot springs. (I have my doubts whether this translation is ok!!!!)

Another pretty church:  Santa Maria in Trastevere

The basilica Giulia in the Forum Romanum.

On the way from the hotel to St. Peter:Castel St. Angelo

During the Sunday´s mess with the pope Anna Katerina Emmerik and the austrian emperor Karl I. were blessed-spoken  (in the background you can see their pictures on the wall of cathedral St.  Peter).

In the Museum Villa Borghese: Here the sculpture of the Paolina Borghese by Canova.

In the Museum Villa Borghese: The marble sculpture of Gian Lorenzo Bernini shows the chaste of Daphne pursued by Apollo, she suddenly transforms into a laurel tree - and by this escapes Apollo!.
It is a pitty that you get these marvelous works of art in this museum  as a kind of Fastfood  because each visit of the Museum Villa Borghese is limited to 2 hours.

We copied this habit from the Italians: Picnic at the Piazza di Spagna : Salame, formaggio, panini e di vino in this beautiful atmosphere! In the evenings we compensated that and used to visit  one of the numerous restaurants in Trastevere.

I do not give any links here. It is really easy to get tons of info about each topic using Google or other search engines.

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