Airshow at Zeltweg in Austria- Airpower05
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On  23 Jun 2005 I had the pleasure to do a business trip to to Zeltweg - Airpower 2005. Beside Customer Meetings (Austria is a very good customer of EADS, they just purchased our Eurofighter), I also managed to have a look at the Airshow performances. Here is a selection of my pictures: 

Eichhhorn with T-6

Heinz with Messerschmitt Bf 109

Red Bull Corsair

Red Bull Sea Vixen

Sea Vixen (Carrier Version with folded wings)


The Swiss Patrouille Suisse

The Austrian Air Force did its last performance with the Saab S35 Draaken - they went oout of service after this.

The british Red Arrows ready for the show !!!

French Patrouille de France

One of the stars of my company: Eurofighter.
Austria just gave us a contract worth 1.9 Bill for the purchase of 18 of these great fighter planes.

Finally the great performance of the Italian Frecce Tricolori - here you can see their "Smoke Test". Unfortunatelly the sun has gone away because of a near thunderstorm.

Another Topic, party with the pilots in the evening:

The Pilots of the Red Arrows- of course in red.

Participants of the Air Show receive a medal for their performances.

We had the pleasure to sit next to the pilots of the Italian Frecce Tricolori.

Another great day ...

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