USA Trip 2008 (Southern States)
3-15 July 2008

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Timing worked just like in 2007: Business trip followed by a couple of nice days of vacation.
This time we toured in a very different corner of the United States which I never visited before: The southern states (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida).
We started at  Galveston, Texas went on to Houston and then in eastern directionto  via New Orleans to Miami, Florida (1200 miles in 12 days). Have a look at the  map (--> click here).

Enough of the words, here is some info on my pictures:
My new album software is great: The image size adapts itself automatically to the window size, allowing display of images in almost screen size if you increase window size to max. Also new: There is Descriptive text under each picture, unfortunatelly I did not get it to work also in English language - I hope that doens´t bother you too much. As always with my new photo series is you can also start an automatic slide show. After loading of 1 Image just hit the slide button (top right), if you want to change display time, just doubleclick that button and set your time.

Enjoy my pictures - just like we enjoyed our trip.


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Introduction: Not to be taken too serious

Part 1:  Galveston Island / Texas
  • Hotel : "The American Way of Life"
  • Beaches 
  • Railroad Museum
  • Galveston downtown

Part 2:  Houston / Texas
  • Space Center Houston:
  • Spaceship Gallery
  • NASA Tour
  • Control Rooms
  • Saturn V
  • Houston Downtown

Part 3: New Orleans
  • Downtown 
  • Bourbon Street
  • Steamboat cruis with "Nachez" on Mississippi
  • Hurricane Katarina
Part 4: Miami / Florida
  • Hotel
  • Deerfield Beach
  • Miami Downtown
  • Miami Beach
  • Everglades
  • Airboat Tour

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