Fishing Trip in the Gulf around Abu Dhabi
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During one of my - meanwhile many - business trips to the Gulf area we had no chance for business on a Friday - of course!! But that did not necessarily mean doing nothing: My friend and collegue Gerhard invited an arabic friend and myself to a fishing trip. Gerhard´s son Andreas also joined us. Like usual we had the fishing rods with us but my expectations have been as usual - I had my doubts about a possible success.
Anyway, a boat trip with Gerhard is always fun so I looked forward for a great day.

Short before Take-Off: Andreas on board already.

After having gone out off shore about 30 miles from the island of Abui Dhabi it all of a sudden happened: Gerhard yelled "stop the engines, stop the engines!!!". My reaction as steersman were really challenged - I was too busy consuming Fosters !!

Then we saw our catch:
Gerhard and Abdullah pulled the Baracuda on board - that beast had nothing better in mind than going crazy and trying to bite evrything coming close.

The Baracuda really enjoyed our bare feet but hit only Gerhard´s hand - Gerhard still had problems for days after that.
After having seen that beast my intentions to swing in the open ocean have been minimized. Dozends of small sharp teeth and a mouth big enough to hold a man´s fist.

Andreas did the right thing: Escape to the front area of the boat and watch from safe distance.

 The box was too small to hold our catch (1,20m and appr. 18 pounds)

Abdullah with the Baracuda.

Now steersman Bernhard had time to relax and to consistantly head towards the wrong direction back home. Since we lost sight contact to the skyline of Abu Dhabi my orientation rating was below average.

The successful crew after the safe return.

Abdullah brought home a nice trophy and a lot of work for his maid.

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Erstellt: 30.05.2002
Copyright ©2002 Bernhard Heinz