2-Day Trip to Athens / Greece - April 2005
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The first business trip after my skiing accident: Athens.
Really exciting and interesting to visit those ancient monuments. There are thousands of pages in the Internet about Athens but almost all of them suffer under very small pictures and a lot of text.

I am doing that in a different way, have a look:

Vew from the Hilton towards the Akropolis and ........

the harbour Piräus.

The foot of the hill of Acropolis. We only had 1,5 hrs before takeoff of our flight back home. It has still been worth to rush over the place and get some great impressions.

Auf dem Weg nach oben: Das Odeon des Herodes Atticus, ein antikes Theater, in dem heute noch Konzert- und Opernaufführungen stattfinden.

On top of the hill: A marvelous view of the city through the Propylaea.

The Parthenon.

You can see what time and smog have done to these monuments built appr. 400 b.c.

Interesting view on the on going restaurations..

The restaurations in the back of the Parthenon.

The Erechteion

We had this beautiful view drinking Caipirinha on the top level terrace of the Hilton until 1:30 in the morning. Not that bad, right??

Athens is really worth a trip.

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