Skiing at Bödele in Austria
20 December 2005


Dear Skiers and Non-Skiers,

as you can imagine, Ulrike has been really upset when I took off for skiing again after all the trouble after my accident last year.

Believe it or not: I am now slightly smarter than  before the accident: With this kind of  "knight´s armour" (arm and back protectors, hardhat) and a modified adjustment of the ski bindings I took off to Boedele.

Isn´t that a dream, almost 3 ft of powdery snow within the past 3 days.

The first track painted into snow by me after a 1 year break. I started carefully on easy slopes (for 15 min), but it has been fun as usual, so moved over to the main slopes.

One of the main slopes: Empty, sunny, powdery --- what do I need to say. I just deserved this.

View towards the Lake. You can see how close we are living to nice skiing areas !!

The backside of the mountain has been a bit hazy but still offered a marvelous view.

The hardhat is really easy to wear, it is very light and I don´t even feel it. I strongly recommend this to skiers.

I got used to wearing the back protector already during my mountainbike trips, this feels like a light backpack.

At 2.30 p.m. sun was going down already - you can see my long shadow. About time to think about "Après-Ski"

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