In a Wadi in Oman
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During my Oman trip number 8 I by chance read an article in an Omani magazine with a photo which fascinated me. It showed a green meadow with a creek in the mountains under palm trees, A route description was available and soon my decision has been taken: I need to go there.

Wadis are valleys with rivers/creeks which only carry water during the rain periods (or on days with rain). In Oman however, there are wadis in the mountains having water throughout the year. One of these Wadis I experienced together with Helmut using a Landcruizer. I am deliberately not mentioning any name or route desrciption. As you can see looking at the beautiful photos this nature is still pretty untouched by human and not made for mass tourism.

There is no way of finding this place without detailed description. The plan I had contained some village names but also directions like "set your meter to zero, take a left after 6.8 km" etc - many times there was no road to enter but just gravel desert.

By the way I didn´t want to reduce these nice photos to a smaller but faster loading format. Please be patient, if loading takes some time., the photos are worth waiting. All photos are 700K together, by the time you read this they may have been loaded already.

Enjoy my photos !!

I cannot avoid to start with a photo of my favorate Hotel in Muscat, the Grand Hyatt. As usual we stayed in this beautiful Hotel. You can see a view through the lobby towards the ocean through the nicely colored windows.

On the way to the Wadi. In front of the mountains there has been a gravel desert. The visit of a stranger in their small village has been something special for the two boys. They seem to enjoy it.


The first part of the Wadi did not contain any green. After some miles a small strip of palm trees and orleander bushes became visible. There the creek had the size of just one foot. The deeper we went into the Wadi the broader the green strip turned. .

Isn´t this marvelous ? To see this green meadow surrounded by desert mountains took our breath away.

When we were home we heard  that one should never do that because of snakes. Anyway - not knowing this we very much enjoyed our bath in the crystal clear warm water - a very special ambience.



On the way back. At some spots very high sand dunes directly hit the mountains.

School´s out !!! Very interesting: The traditional costumes "Dishdasha" and modern schoolbags.

We still had time to swim in the ocean after we returned to Muscat in the evening.

Our friends and customers from Oman wearing their tradistional Dishdashas.

Is there anyone not feeling like spending a nice vacation in this beautiful country after having seen these pictures ???

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