Oktoberfest Munich 2006

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Aloysius (thats´s my middle name !!!)  invites you to a short visit to our traditional Beer Festival, the Oktoberfest in Munich.

The Fleacircus, the Oktoberfest is the only place I know where this is still possible.

The actors are that small that you can only see them with a magnifying glass or enlarged using a camera.
They are strong enough to pull those chariots.

The motor show of the Motorellos unfortunatelly only attracts a few people, but it is worth seeing it.

Aloysius in heaven and on earth !


Time now to visit our tent. This time it´s the "Ochsenbraterei" where they barbecue a whole ox on a huge grill.

Those tents are huge, one can hold 5.000 people inside and 7.000 outside, there are 12 tents like that at the Oktoberfest.
By the way, the guy looking unlucky in front told me he has been in the tent since 11 in the morning - ok, I understand. . .

Some people consume beer in large quantities . . .

Unfortunatelly we had to finish the party drinking Caipirinha.

That´s the end of our party. I could still hold the camera . . .

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