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Last Update: July 22th, 2022


Our happiness in our family ended suddenly and completely unexpectedly on July 13th. Our dear son Christian died of a heart attack in Brussels the day before his 43rd birthday. We can't believe our great suffering yet, it is very difficult for us to deal with this terrible situation. He loved his work in the European Parliament and since 2019 at an industry association in Brussels, had many friends there and was enthusiastic about the international flair there. He was very happy in Brussels and had so many plans for the future.

Shortly after his death, we were able to say goodbye to Christian in Brussels, the transfer to Lake Constance is next week, the urn burial takes place in silence in the closest family circle. We ask you to refrain from visits and personal condolences.

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(*) Password protected Family site

That´s our Family - pics of the year 2021:

Dear Friends all over the World,

We are the Heinz Family from Immenstaad in Germany at Lake Constance. We, that`s Ulrike, Bernhard (Bernie), our son Daniel and Isabel, Sophia, Florian and Tamea, our daughter Miriam and Martin, Simon and Aaron and our son Christian. In our Internet pages we would like to introduce ourselves and show events from our area and even world wide with a lot of pictures but very little text.

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